A summery of Mike Butt thanks to Roger Noble

Michael Butt.  Died 21st Sept 2018.  Very sad news about the passing of ex HDCA President Mike Butt ! Mike was a hard working President during his time in office, and promoted junior chess to the point that he realised the future of chess not just locally but nationally, was based at junior level! Mike took up the game in his youth, and soon began playing for the Hull Chess Club were he formed friendships and became involved in team chess. Outside of chess, Mike in his younger years was a very keen footballer, and worked for the Smith and Nephew Company in Hull, later progressing to an acting transport clerk for the Ellerman & Wilson Line, until his last job as a Taxi Driver saw him through to his retirement. He was also a very keen socialist, and did much for the local Labour Party, and had strong views on equality and political affairs both on and off the chess board !

Mike Butt










As President,  Mike took up the gauntlet, when the association was going through hard times and committee members were hard to find, and carried on working for chess in the surrounding area by holding junior events at KC stadium, re scheduling rapid and lightning events and arranging one or two simuls, along with his presidential and club duties. He was a founding member of the Willows Chess Club and an early member and captain of the old  'Hull B' side which was made up of J.Thompson, Steve Graham, Chris Matthews, Brian Radesk, Father & son members the Moor's,  Mike and myself  Roger Noble. Mike supported local chess events to the last, and even competed in the 2018 Simul against Ivanka Houska, when even then his health was not good, and thought to be suffering a return of cancer which he had fought off only months before ! Chess in Hull has lost not only a good friend but a valid member of our association.  Their are plans to name one of the Hull Associations Junior trophies after Michael Butt , and our sincere condolences are sent to his wife and family, and also to the Willows Chess Club. R I P now Mike, sadly missed by all members of the Hull & District Chess Association