Junior Chess

Quite simply we recognise that the junior chess players of today are the adult chess players of the future and without them, the game of chess will decline.

Benefits of Playing Chess

If your school already runs a chess club then you will be aware of the benefits to the children involved. There are so many reasons to play chess, but here are just a few:

  • Chess is fun.
  • Helps improve concentration.
  • Develops logical reasoning
  • Chess encourages planning ahead and foreseeing consequences.
  • Chess helps develop self-confidence.
  • Chess enhances reading, memory, language, and mathematical abilities; it fosters critical, creative, and original thinking.
  • Chess reaches boys and girls regardless of their natural abilities.

How Can We Help?

There are a number of ways that the Hull & District Chess Association can help local primary schools, some of which are listed below:

There are many experienced players and coaches within the Hull area who could provide you with information on how to set-up and run a junior chess club within your school.

If you need any chess equipment then we can put you in touch with suppliers who are prepared to give very attractive price reductions to junior and school chess clubs. In certain cases we may be able to organise some equipment for you to loan during a start-up period. and clubs under a developing junior chess initiative. who schools must contact direct for details.

Our junior coaches and other players will be able to provide you with information on chess basics - there are many free learning resources on the World Wide Web and we know where some of the best reside!

We can investigate whether there are any local players or coaches who might be able to assist with coaching in your school's chess club. If there are enough schools interested, we might be able to help organise some local inter-schools competitions.

For most children, our modern industrial society is restrictive. Their social status and economic worth are postponed until adulthood. But chess can offer a rare entry into the adult world. Children who are reasonably good at the game can find themselves playing at least as well as, or even better than, educated adults. These adults - who might be doctors, lawyers, professors or other successful professionals - often become friends, providing access that is unavailable to most children or even adults of lesser status. Such early adult contacts make you smarter and better-prepared for life. For a child, defeating a schoolteacher at chess turns a key relationship on its head and is likely to engender lasting confidence.

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