The Hull and District Chess Association Charitable Trust is a registered Charity (number 1155858). Our vision is for 'Hull to become one of the best places to play Chess in the UK and for Hull to have one of the most forward thinking and vibrant Chess environments in the UK. We will make Hull recognised as a good place to play Chess and make people want to come to Hull to play Chess.

To achieve this aim we have agreed a number of agreed strategies, in particular our Chess Strategy which outlines our five to ten year ambitions.

  • Chess Strategy – the chess ‘promotion and development’ strategy - what we are trying to achieve over the next five to ten years. This is the key strategy document as the others are, in effect, enablers, to provide for us to deliver the Charity’s objects as set out in our Constitution.
  • Investment Strategy – how we decide to invest our funds, the required return and overall longer term view of our investments. After discussion the Trustees agreed to place the funds with Cardale Investment managers, a local company.
  • Financial Strategy – how we are going to spend our income from our investments and other income. A budget based approach reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Reserves strategy – money we will keep aside for ‘emergencies’ and to minimise any short term financial risk from variations in the capital provision of the Charities Investment Funds. The amount agreed is equal to one years expenditure.

The Charity is run by up to 15 Trustees who form the committee of the Hull and District Chess Association. The Constitution and Bye-laws of the Charity outlines how it is run. The accompanying HDCA rules relate to the actual playing environment. The Chariy has agreed role description for each of its officer posts. These may be found here.

A list of our qualified local arbiters may be found here

A list of our ECF registered coaches may be found here

The Association organises a six board and four board winter league, a four board summer league and a range of individual and team trophies. Details of all these, alongside all the information required to play competitve chess in the HDCA area, including results and fixtures, may be found on the competitions page here

To assist those who may have difficulties in meeting the financial obligations of playing chess, the Charity has a fund available to support them; details may be found here

Minutes from all the HDCA Committee meetings as well as AGM minutes and annual reports are available here.

Trustees have delegated authority to a number of sub committees. Details of these may be found in the following links: Rules Committee

We have adopted the ECF Child Protection Policy. Details of this, together with details of our lead for safeguarding issues can be found here.

Our Privacy policy can found here

A list of clubs affiliated to the Association can be found on the Clubs link on this web sites home page

Information on recent events and activities organised and run by the Association are available on the Our News & Events link.