Junior Academy Meetings (JAMs)

Who are JAMs for?

  • The JAMs are open to any 6 to 17-year-old who can already play chess (even at a basic level)
  • A parent/guardian or other responsible adult is encouraged to attend with the junior - and very strongly encouraged to do so for 6-8 year olds or children with any additional needs 

What are JAMs for?

To support young people’s enjoyment of chess and the development of their skills by:

  • Providing a pleasant, well-equipped playing environment
  • Providing chess coaching and training from experienced adult players
  • Connecting juniors and coaches from clubs and schools across the area
  • Organising competitions and representative teams for juniors at all levels of experience and skill

When do JAMs happen?

  • The final Saturday of each month (except December).  10.00am – 12.00 noon
  • Currently planned JAMs will run: May 28; June 25 ; July 30; August 27;  September 24;  October 29 ; November 26; January 28; February 25;  March 25; April 29

 Where do JAMs happen?    

The home venue for the JAMs is The Queens Hall of the Jubilee Central, HU1 3SQ - in central Hull

  • Access on Saturdays is from the Albion Street car park side, via. Waltham Street – through the large green door. 
  • On rare occasions, and with notice, the JAMs may be held at different locations.  For example, JAMs may meet at a chess tournament; or may meet as guests of other venues in the HDCA area.

Session fee & Pre-booking  

  • session fee is charged on the day, on entry, for each junior – to help cover some of the cost of renting the venue, learning materials, prizes etc.
    • £2 per session
    • £16 for a season ticket (11 sessions)
    • However, do please contact us if this fee will be a definite obstacle to your child’s participation
  • Space at the venue is quite limited – so that parents/guardians/ responsible adults are strongly advised to pre-book to secure a space for their children ahead of each meeting - using this BOOKING FORM


Click the handbook to find details of:
  • The JAM Curriculum - what chess skills we will be focussing on and how we will be doing so
  • How the JAMs Work - what activities, events and competitions are coming up
  • The JAM Team - who are the coaches?
  • JAM Rules and Code of Conduct  (including full details of our Child Protection, H&S, and GDPR policies and procedures
  • etc

If you have any other queries or questions, please feel free to contact: John Cooper - johngcoo@gmail.com

How are the Juniors doing?  

Click for the:  Jam Skills Progress Tracker.xlsx

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