Junior Chess

Yorkshire Terrier Chess Club Speed Tournament 2016.
A Personal Perspective by David G. Mills.

On Monday evening, 8th August 2016, Tim Turner and David Mills of Beverley Chess Club travelled to the Yorkshire Terrier Public House, 10, Stonegate, York for an invitation speed chess event. Turner, who organised the competition, is also a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Chess Club which plays its York District Chess Association fixtures at this venue. The 6 round Swiss Tournament featured ten players, each of whom had a maximum of 10 minutes for all moves, so the games lasted a maximum of 20 minutes.
Round 1. Richard Cowan. (167) 0 - 1 David G. Mills (136).
A French Defence, Advance Variation in which Black won a pawn in the middlegame. A lengthy strategic struggle ensued. Further material losses on entering the endgame prompted White’s resignation.

Round 2. David G. Mills (136) ½ - ½ Paul Moulton (162).
Probably the best and most interesting game played by White during the tournament. A Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Vienna Defence, in which Black accepted the proffered ‘f’ pawn. This aggressive system is speculative to say the least but particularly viable at speed chess. White diverged from theory at move 9 and came under pressure in the middlegame. He found a rook and bishop sacrifice that had to be accepted to avoid checkmate and led to a forced draw by perpetual check. A game that gave me more satisfaction than any of the wins!

Round 3. Paul M. Barber (168) ½ - ½ David G. Mills (136).
A French Defence, Exchange Variation, in which White won a pawn in the middlegame. Black managed to engineer a King, Bishops of opposite colour and pawns endgame where his opponent fell behind on time attempting to make progress. A draw was agreed in a level position with Black a couple of minutes ahead on time.

Round 4. John Foo (131) 0 – 1 David G. Mills (136).
Another French Defence, Exchange Variation. White managed to win a pawn in the middlegame but used up most of his time so doing and in return Black obtained significant tactical and positional compensation. White’s time expired in a complicated position. Black had over 5 minutes left at this point.

Round 5. David G. Mills (136) 1 – 0 Norman G. Andrews (123).
You usually need some luck to win speed chess events and here I received mine in a big dollop!  At the end of a level middlegame I proceeded to misplay the position and lost three pawns in a Rook and Pawns endgame. Despite charging my king up the board in an attempt to grab some black pawns, my Rook on h1 faced black’s unopposed ‘g’ and ‘h’ pawns on g3 and h2 respectively. Black played … g2. I replied Rxh2+ and my opponent responded with the illegal g1/Q! As it had been announced prior to the start of the event that an illegal move lost the game, victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat. Norman, a good friend and opponent, took the reverse well.

Round 6. David G. Mills ½ - ½ John Knowles (106).
I was unaware of John’s grade prior to the start of this game but on the basis of what occurred, would have guessed it to be in excess of 150. Another Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. Black exchanged Queens and gave back the gambit pawn. With King, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops and several pawns against King, 2 Rooks, 2 Knights and equal pawns, Black chased White’s King up the board to g5 but was unable to find a mate. (Subsequent examination of the position suggested that it was unclear as to whether one existed.) Short of time, he did have at least a perpetual check and your scribe escaped with a draw.
Although only the sixth highest graded entrant, a mixture of aggressive chess, supplemented by a degree of luck, enabled me to remain unbeaten and share first place with Paul Moulton (Minster Inn). Thanks are due to Tim Turner for organising the completion. The final positions were:-

1 / 2

David G. Mills 136
Paul Moulton 162

Minster Inn.


Richard Cowan 167

Brigantes/York Railway Institute.


4 / 5

Paul M. Barber 168
Neville R. Pearce 138

Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.
Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.

6 / 7

John Knowles 106
Tim Turner 160

Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.
Yorkshire Terriers/Beverley.


8 / 9

Norman G. Andrews 123
John Foo 131

Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.
Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.


Toby Conyers-Kelly 66

Yorkshire Terriers/ York Railway Institute.