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Hull and District Chess Association : Leagues and Cups


The Hull and District Chess Association runs a series of Leagues and Cups for both teams and individuals during the course of the year. Teams and Cup draws can be found in our handbook:

  • A Six Board and Four Board league each with two divisions - running from September until May
  • A Board Summer league of two divisions - running from June to August
  • Team Trophies - The Thomas Atkinson and RP Ross Cups (six and four board cups)
  • Individual player trophies - The Peter Hughes (played every two years) for the top 16 players, and U165 and U125 events for the more normal players!
  • Two teams in the Yorkshire League

Information regarding the 'normal' events run by the Association such as league and cup matches can be found under the organisation tab. A newsleter is also published and distributed to local players. A summary of recent events in Hull has been published by Chess Magazine (Hull Chess).

The following is only a brief sample of recent local events. The Charity is indebted to RP Ross for the legacy which enabled these events to happen. A history of Chess in Hull is currently the subject of a long term project for publication.

For more information on any of the events below and generally on the work of the Charity in promoting Chess contact Stephen Greep, General Secretary - sjgreep@gmail.com


The Hull Congress

Information to follow


The Hull Grandmaster Challenge

Hull has a long tradition of hosting leading Grandmasters in simultaneous events. Since 2014 we have established a new series which we have named the Hull Grandmaster Challenge. In 2014 GM Gawain Jones (Jonesreport), 2015 David Howell (Howellreport) and 2016 Luke McShane (Mcshanereport) have all come to Hull. The report on the 2016 event contains a summary of the other simultaneous matches. The main simultaneous event has always been preceded by an hour of lightning chess, with the GM having just 60 seconds on the clock against the local team's 5 minutes. Rather embarrassingly the current (2016) score is GM's 18.5 Hull 1.5. In the main simultaneous Hull hasn't fared much better with the current score 80/10 to the GM's. Everyone gets a signed copy of a scoresheet for them to fill in during te afternoon. Chess Direct have sponsored the first winner with a current copy of Fritz. We have been very pleased to have our events (and the first GM move) opened by the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, The High Sheriff of Hull and East Riding and the Lord Mayor of Hull and the Humber. Following the simultaneous a DVD of the event is produced, copies of each DVD may be obtained from the Assocations Publicity Officer Roger Noble (roger_noble@hotmail.com). A photograph from each simultaneous is to be found below - more in the reports.


Team Rapid Play and Presentation evenings

In 2015 we reintroduced the Team Rapid Play event and combined it with our presentation evening. In 2015 and 2016 we had over 50 players in 13 teams competing. A report on the 2016 event can be seen here tlreport Teams compete on the evening for two trophies - the George Willoughby and Peter Withill (handicapped). Teams from outside the HDCA area are always welcome - Scunthorpe were runners up in the Peter Withill trophy in 2015. Through the acquisition of the RP Ross legacy the Charity is in the process of replacing its cups - the new six and four board winter league trophies can be seen on the far right of the picture below.



Chess Open Days for the Public

The Association has run public chess days in association with charity days in Pearson Park in Hull as well as in Hull Central Library to celebrate international Chess Day, with rapid play, visually impaired chess, local challenge team and many more activities taking place.


Chess Training/coaching

The Association runs chess coaching Days for players of all grades. Recently two days of coaching for players with grades U150 were provided by WGM Sheila Jackson and IM James Adair spent a day of instruction with higher graded players. Further coaching days are planned for March 2017 - with IM James Adair again proving coaching - this time for players under the 150 grade mark. A second day, also for those graded U150 is planned with IM James Palliser. James Adair will also provide coaching for players graded over 150 during the course of the year.

School Chess Days and Chess in The Community Training

In 2014 and 2015 we had very successful Chess Schools Days at Wold Academy. Local schools have taken part in the Delancey Challenge and the Chess In Schools and the Community Programme. a number of local players have undergone the CSC training programme. Through the Charities Funds we have been able to support local schools with grants towards the purchase of equipment as well as providing trophies and medals for children taking part in schools events. Hull Chess Club had a dedicated junior club, meeting every Friday to which all juniors are welcome.


Chess Master @ the Local and Monthly Chess Socials

In 2016 we were very pleased to be only the second place in England to hold a Chess Master @ The Local Event in association with the ECF. Funded by the ECF this turned out to be a great event with around 70 people playing Chess on the evening. The event, which you can read about here (GMLocal) has led to a Chess Social every month at the venue - on the second Thursday of the month where chess players can mix with locvals and encourage them to take up the game.


Chess in Prisons

Information to follow