Junior Chess


Thanks to those who participated in today's Hull Rapid Play tournament.

In summary the prizes were won as follows:
1st prize: John Cooper, with 5 points (£85)
2nd prize: Jim Burnett and John Thackray with 4.5 points (£22.50 each)
1st grading prize: Dave Stephenson, Szilard Tamas, Steve Crow - all with 3 points (£10 each)
2nd grading prize: David Stothard and Mate Here - both with 3.5 points (£15 each)

1st prize and Junior Trophy winner: Joe Varley with 6(!!) points (£85)
2nd prize: Mike Pollard with 4.5 points (£45)
1st grading prize: Zak Farley with 4 points (£30)
2nd grading prize: Mike Hackett with 4 points (£30)

Many thanks to Colin for being our arbiter!

Full results can be found here: